Are you leading a Tech Services or Business Process Services company?

ALLTEAM CAPITAL is aggregating the first-of-its-kind consortium of profitable tech services firms ($2Mn-$10Mn in annual revenues), distributed globally, having complementary capabilities.

Under the common ALLTEAM brand and organization structure, these integrated business units will exceed $100Mn in cumulative annual revenues and the group net income will exceed USD 18Mn.

Our target is to provide the founders with liquidity options at a minimum valuation of 16-20 times earnings.

  • M&A with a Publicly Listed Company or a Private Equity Firm (2+ years)
  • Group IPO (4+ years)
Unleash the potential of your Business.

As a Tech services Business owner, what aspirations are you pursuing ?

Liquidity | Accelerated Growth | Public Company Valuation | Succession Plan

ALLTEAM CAPITAL can help you become part of a global and multi-dimensional “Umbrella consortium” to truly avail the benefits without losing control of your business.

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All For One, One For All

All For One, One For All

"All For One, One For All" is a famous motto associated with the literary characters known as the Three Musketeers. It originated in the novel "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas, published in 1844.

The phrase reflects the spirit of unity, loyalty, and solidarity among the Musketeers, who are portrayed as inseparable comrades and friends.

It encapsulates the idea that each member of the group is dedicated to the collective well-being and protection of the others. The motto emphasizes selflessness and mutual support, highlighting the idea that individuals should act in the best interest of the group as a whole.

The phrase has since become a symbol of teamwork, cooperation, and the strength that comes from individuals working together towards a common goal. It is often used to express the concept of unity and mutual assistance in various contexts beyond the realm of the Three Musketeers.

global consortium

Umbrella Consortium

Be a part of global consortium that helps small IT services businesses grow and achieve public valuation & exit.

step by step approach

Step-By-Step Approach

ALLTEAM CAPITAL's step by step approach ensures successful outcomes for your business growth and public valuation creation.

pre-planned roadmap


ALLTEAM CAPITAL'S three-year pre-planned roadmap before the IPO provides a clear timeline for achieving growth and public valuation creation, helping you plan and execute your business strategies effectively.

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Meet Our Team

bijal meheta

Bijal Mehta

Founder & Managing Partner

siddharth das

Siddharth Das

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Sudhakar Vishwanath

Sudhakar Vishwanath

Chief Legal Officer

Shruthi Muniyappa

Shruthi Muniyappa

Chief Financial Officer

Why Join

Key Gains Key Problems Solved Allteam Value Proposition
Access to Equity financing for Technology services companies Access to global customers & new markets Pioneering Technology Services inorganic growth aggregator and venture consortium
Public company valuation premium and cash liquidity option for founders and promoters Access to skilled global resources including Customer Success & Delivery $100Mn venture consortium that brings public company valuation for founders, promoters, and investors
Benefits of scale-Going from being less than $10m regional firm to being part of a $100Mn global organisation Access to larger bids, cross-sell, and bundled offerings for Fortune 1000 customers Brings together companies with complementary offerings and outcomes
Promoters work with the power of a one-stop-shop consortium company to unlock true value Succession planning and leadership transition without loss of intellectual capital Provides value added accelerated growth, operational efficiencies, and governance with a world-class team of partners and senior executives


Facts and Queries

The vision and purpose of the consortium is three-fold :
1) To provide customers a one-stop-shop to provide unique offerings in the Technology services (includes digital, legacy services, BPM and KPO) space created on a global scale with the benefits of quality, scale, and cost.
2) To give founders and promoters of sub -10M USD companies the liquidity and benefits of a public company valuation, as they will never be able to realise these benefits in isolation, so that they can focus on accelerated growth and execution of the business.
3)To create a first of its kind consortium of unique Tech services firms that can compete on a global scale.
  • Technology Services company (Includes BPM & KPO)
  • Revenues from 2 million USD to 10 million USD
  • Profitable revenues
  • In Business for 5+ years

An India based venture partnership firm established by seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals globally to (i) identify and invite selected businesses to join the AT consortium; (ii) to get them listed on the public stock exchange (iii) to help grow their respective business unit. This entity will have a 20% equity share (as carried interest) in AT at the time of its IPO.

An India based company made up of an amalgamated consortium of independent business units distributed globally providing Technology Services which includes, Digital, Modernised legacy services, Engineering, KPO services to enterprises globally - this is the customer-facing entity (and parent umbrella brand for each business unit) which will get publicly listed.

Allteam Capital is a Venture Consortium which allows firms to cross leverage value from other consortium firms as part of the umbrella company while ensuring that consortium firms still retain control of their business. A typical VC firm does not allow control (See equity options) Secondly, companies with 2-10 mil USD in revenues in Tech Services are not on the radar for most VC or PE firms.

The process leading to the member consortium entry in Allteam can take a few months depending on the due diligence process. Our world-class team of experts (legal, Accounting, Corporate and investment bankers) ensures that all complexities within the due diligence, onboarding and integration process are addressed prior to the entry in the consortium.

Customers benefit extensively from the range of unique offerings which are available globally and executed by the other member consortium companies under one umbrella company. They get access to complementary and adjacent offerings of the consortium which are normally not accessible with a smaller firm both from a delivery and capability perspective.

No, companies with competing services will not be part of the consortium by design, all the services will be complementary. In case of similar functional services as an eventuality, there would be clear demarcation of markets or customers or delivery centres. For example, two Mobile App development companies can join the consortium if one’s primary focus is “gaming” apps vs another’s focus is “e- commerce” OR both can be focused on gaming, but one is largely serving the Asia market vs the other is primarily serving North America.

The IPO is being planned for India. The preferred timing of the IPO will depend on several factors including market conditions and the length of time it takes us to identify, onboard and integrate the various consortium member companies. Our target is to have the prospectus ready within 12-24 months post integration. (View Venture consortium Roadmap)

Each consortium member’s business will be valued based on the proportion of profits that they bring into the umbrella consortium. The valuation formula will be split across both past and future performance. Each company will be evaluated based on the historical profit rates as well as their profit achievements post IPO.

The decisions made in the umbrella consortium are governed by the board. Individual consortium members become members of the board. It’s a collective decision making.

The short answer is NO. We are not charging member companies a fee to join the consortium. The success measure for AC’s leadership is aligned entirely with the outcome of its collective portfolio member companies. In fact, unlike a typical venture capital or private equity firm, Allteam Capital’s management does not charge any salary amount or other fees to the Allteam member consortium as compensation for its team. The team’s compensation is structured entirely in the form of equity.

The IPO is being planned for India. The preferred timing of the IPO will depend on several factors including market conditions and the length of time it takes us to identify, onboard and integrate the various consortium member companies. Our target is to have the prospectus ready within 12-24 months post integration. (View Venture consortium Roadmap)

The center of excellence (CoE) for Allteam, is designed to ensure a smooth integration process on all aspects of governance and functional aspects of running a world class business (see Value). The best practices aligned on the CoE ensure that the integration is a planned roadmap. The path to integration is aligned to all aspects of growth of the individual members and the future IPO prospects of the umbrella consortium.

Yes, you can participate in partnering opportunities and become a Venture Partner or Associate assisting in the consolidation process from deal sourcing to Due diligence to onboarding, integration and collaboration as a whole or partly contributing to the entire process.